Electrocution has provided support information for PC technicians (and pilots) for over forty years.

Although used by regulatory authorities and recommended for advanced courses, including at least 2 MScs and many college courses, our books are presented in a common-sense format that is entirely suitable for non-technical readers, and are updated constantly.

"This series of four books is clear, readable and contain many useful illustrations. The case studies clearly demonstrate the problems faced by network administrators and provide easily workable solutions, and provide the reader with an excellent grounding in Network Systems and Communications. They have proved invaluable to the teaching of the M.Sc. course in Data Communications at Kingston University and we recommend them to all students following similar courses of study."

Yours Faithfully,

Dr Andrew Curley BSc, MSc, PhD, AMIEE Martin Tunicliffe BEng, PhD, AMIEE, CPhys, MInstP

About The Author

Phil Croucher's computer books are the result of several years' experience of freelance network management, system building and repairs, being A+, N+ and Netware certified. He has been involved with computing since 1986, starting off with a variation of Acorn's BBC computer, the Torch, using its own version of CP/M, called CP/N. From there he has fond memories of the Sirius and the Macintosh, but has mostly been involved with IBM compatibles of all shapes and sizes, and still uses Muliuser DOS.

He has been a regular guest on AM1290's Saturday morning computer chat show, Experts On Call, and has written several columns for UK's Computer Shopper, PC Plus and Pilot magazines.

Phil holds EASA, UK, and Canadian professional licences for helicopters and aeroplanes. He is currently Head Of Training for Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training.